How to Register for HeyGen – Create AI Avatar with Text-to-Speech!


Registration Process for HeyGen

① Access HeyGen

Access the HeyGen website using the following address:

② Sign Up for a Free Account

Once on the website, select “Sign in” and proceed with the free account registration. By signing up for a free account, you will receive 60 seconds of video creation credits for trial purposes. Please note that if you wish to create videos longer than 60 seconds, you will need to upgrade to a monthly plan.

③ Register Your Email Address

Enter your email address and click on “Send Code” to receive the verification code. If you prefer, you can also sign in using your Google or Facebook account.
Within 60 seconds, enter the verification code sent to your email address in the designated field. If 60 seconds have elapsed, you can resend the code.

④ Set Your Password

Set a password using a combination of alphanumeric characters and symbols. Enter the same password again in the designated field.

⑤ Complete the Survey

Proceed to answer the survey questions. Select the appropriate options for each question:
A. Start by providing your occupation.
B. Next, indicate the industry you work in.
C. Then, specify the number of employees in your company.
D. Followed by describing the type of videos you plan to create.
E. Finally, let us know how you discovered our website.

⑥ Try HeyGen with Your Free Account

Once your free account registration is complete, you will see “1min” displayed as credits at the top of the screen. You can now use these credits to create a 60-second video. Although it may seem short, it’s sufficient for a trial. If you wish to have more time, you can upgrade to a monthly plan to receive additional credits. To do so, select your preferred plan and make the payment by clicking on “Pricing” at the bottom left.

What is HeyGen?

HeyGen offers an amazing service that automatically converts text into realistic voiceovers and vibrant AI avatar animations. With HeyGen, you can easily create content with unprecedented expressiveness.
We provide a captivating audio-visual experience. Combining state-of-the-art text-to-speech technology and impressive AI avatar animations, HeyGen enables the effortless generation of captivating videos, presentations, and interactive media.

Experience professional-grade voices and dynamically moving AI avatars that accurately convey your message. Whether it’s for business presentations, advertising, educational content, or entertainment, HeyGen can be utilized in various fields to create high-quality content with ease.

Our user-friendly interface and extensive customization options allow you to create voices and avatar animations that align with your vision. Additionally, HeyGen supports multiple languages, making it ideal for global activities.

By using HeyGen, you can significantly reduce the time and effort required to create impactful visual content. Produce content that mesmerizes your audience with incredibly realistic animations and voices, all in a user-friendly manner.